The Program

The Postgraduate Program in Education studies (PPGE) at UFSCar was created in 1975 and soon became an academic reference for the Brazilian educational field. One of the priority aspects of the Postgraduate Program in Education studies at the Federal University of São Carlos is to consider the social function of its research and knowledge production as fundamental. In this sense, it is considered that the research carried out at the PPGE UFSCar should be relevant in terms of its potential to provide perspectives for social transformations with regard to social disparities and inequalities. The PPGE UFSCar is characterized, considering its size and duration, by a wide range of different views, which are embodied in the diversity of projects in its lines of research. This does not mean, however, that it does not take care of its organicity. In spite of the diversity of lines, the organization and structure of the program guarantee the unity of objectives and purposes. The intellectual production of the PPGE-UFSCar presents, on different fronts, aspects of innovation and impact, whether due to the originality or originality of the productions of the new lines of research, or the conceptions of the more traditional lines of research of the program, which since its beginning, in the mid-1970s, provided its national relevance. The broad intellectual production of the PPGE-UFSCar lines and Research Groups can have their impacts verified, not only by the intervention projects and the formulation of public policies, aimed at Basic Education schools, Municipal and State Departments of Education and the population in general , as for the interaction beyond the specific spaces of academic production, with social repercussion capable of affecting individuals and communities, encompassing political, organizational, cultural and educational dimensions.